DeMario jackson and Corinne Olympios have been spending a bit of time together since the drama on "Bachelor in Paradise." There has been speculation that they are dating, but DeMario says that isn't the case. Now DeMario's mom is speaking out and sharing her thoughts on what is going on. She isn't holding back at all and is very honest.

Pinky Oliver doesn't hold back

DeMario Jackson's mom Pinky Oliver spoke to Life & Style and she didn't hold back at all. She said, "I feel like [Corinne] wants publicity. To me, it’s like a moth to a flame. She sees DeMario, and she’s like, ‘Oh, I’ll go that way.’" Corinne and DeMario aren't actually dating, but it sounds like his mom thinks that she may want it go there.

She said that they do run in the same circle, but for now, they are just friends. His mom also said that they will never have anything romantic. It doesn't sound like she is a fan of Corinne, but she also didn't talk about if she has met her or spent any time with her at all yet.

Could these two date?

Blasting News shared not long ago that DeMario Jackson spoke out himself on if he would ever date Corinne or not and his story sounds a bit different than his mom's story. He actually called her his "homie" and has nothing but love for her. DeMario doesn't have anything bad at all to say about Corinne, but when it comes to dating he said that he isn't dating anyone. He said that it wouldn't be fair to anyone because he is way too busy with his own life and job.

DeMario is just enjoying the single life.

He did share that he is still hopeful he can find love at some point, but it doesn't sound like it will be with Corinne. Time will tell and fans are going to have to wait and see how it all goes down in the future. Regardless, Corinne and DeMario get along great and are doing well together.

Their little romp in the hot tub was the reason that "Bachelor in Paradise" ended up being shut down for a while, but both of them are okay with each other and have moved on from that incident. It would be shocking if either one ever showed up on a "Bachelor" related serious again in the future.

Are you shocked to hear that DeMario Jackson's mom thinks that Corinne Olympios is just in it for fame?

Do you feel like these two will ever end up actually dating? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss watching Arie Luyendyk Jr. as "The Bachelor" starting airing in January 2018 on ABC. Reality Steve has slowly already started revealing spoilers about what will go down.