There's plenty of drama brewing among the cast members of "Bachelor in Paradise." Production was halted last Sunday after allegations of misconduct between two of the cast members. Leaked information pointed to DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios as the two people involved

The pair were allegedly involved in sexual misconduct and just this week, Olympios released a statement saying that she was a "victim" in this situation. Jackson fired back, claiming that people have "assassinated" his character after many fingers were pointed at him for the alleged sexual misconduct.

DeMario Jackson's lawyer releases new statement

Following the allegations of sexual misconduct, DeMario Jackson's lawyer released an update on the "Bachelor in Paradise" star. Walter Mosley, who represents Jackson, told Variety that his client is experiencing "a lot of trauma—both physical and emotional injury" since the news of his involvement in the scandal broke out. He also explained that to clear Jackson's name of the accusations being thrown at him, they'll need to view the footage of that night in question. He is positive that the tapes will reveal the truth about what really happened that night between Jackson and Corrine Olympios.

Mosley denies any criminal investigation against DeMario Jackson

Despite all the controversy surrounding "Bachelor in Paradise," DeMario Jackson is still safe from the authorities, for now. Variety reported that according to his lawyer, Walter Mosley, "There’s no criminal investigation and we don’t fear any criminal investigation." Meanwhile, Corinne Olympios has not spoken to Jackson since the event in question, but they do question her recent statement in which she claims she was a "victim." The reality TV star didn't exactly say what she was a victim of, as she has been carefully watching her words.

She hasn't mentioned Jackson's name either, which makes for a very messy situation now that his name is all over the tabloids.

Corinne Olympios has 'little memory' of what happened

The "Bachelor in Paradise" star who claimed she was a "victim" also claimed she had "little memory" of the night in question. However, TMZ reported that according to some sources, she wasn't really that drunk and that she was aware of her alleged sexual activity with DeMario Jackson in the pool.

These sources claim to have seen the tapes, which are of utmost importance during this time in the investigation. To keep up with the latest on the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal, bookmark this page.