Dorinda Medley may have been the one who hooked Luann de Lesseps up with thomas d'agostino last year when they were both single, but it sounds like she may not be priding herself on the hookup these days. Luann has revealed that she has officially divorced Thomas and she's excited about moving on. But while de Lesseps may be spending time with her family and moving on with her life, it appears that D'Agostino may already be looking for her replacement. For weeks, there have been reports of Thomas hanging out with other women, including a woman by the name of Anna Rothschild.

In addition, Thomas has also been spotted with Missy, who was labeled as the ex-girlfriend on "The Real Housewives of New York."

Since Medley knows him personally, it makes sense to ask her whether she knows anything about his decision to start dating again after their divorce. One can imagine that she's not too happy about him moving on so fast, as she knows that Luann may be hurt by his decision. But when asked about a possible engagement, she had an interesting answer. According to a new report, Dorinda Medley is now revealing that she has no comment about his possible engagement, as she doesn't want to get involved.

Is he already with someone else?

When Dorinda was asked about Thomas possibly being engaged to someone else already, she said, "No comment."

Of course, Medley may have no idea whether D'Agostino is indeed with someone else these days.

Even though she knew him before he was introduced to Luann, she may not know him as well as fans think. It could just be someone who she has met a few times and she doesn't want to step on any toes by speculating whether he's engaged. When Luann announced her divorce and the finalization of it, she revealed she was thankful for her friends for being supportive.

“I thank my family and friends for their support during this time," Luann previously revealed about her decision to support Thomas and for her friends' support, adding, "I’m ready to move on to my next chapter."

Did he ever cheat?

One can imagine that Luann wouldn't think that Dorinda Medley was being supportive if she was gossiping about Thomas' possible new engagement in the press.

Of course, some people assumed that he had cheated on Luann during the marriage and if he is engaged, it could be to someone who he has cheated with.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley's lack of comment about Thomas' possible engagement? Do you think he has moved on already with someone else, even though it has only been about six weeks?