"General Hospital" spoilers from Maurice Benard hinted on social media yesterday that the actor could be leaving the ABC soap. Was this a real spoiler from the Sonny Corinthos actor or is he just teasing fans about an upcoming project? Benard wrote on Instagram, "Just got done playing a character. I love he's a gangster. He loves his wife and family and he has a few enemies. Can you guess?" Benard also shared a link to his IG post on Twitter with the same info. Is this just a big tease or is Maurice Benard really walking away from "General Hospital?" Check out his responses to fan comments and see what you think.

Benard replies to fans, implying retirement

"GH" spoilers promised by the actor alarmed fans. When one fan hit him back on Twitter and said, "I'm gonna miss you in 'GH' Thanks for all the years," Benard replied, "Thank you so much." He didn't correct her and clarify that he's not leaving "GH." Is this for real? Some fans panicked and responded on Twitter with, "We love Sonny, never leave 'GH' please," while others weren't sure and offered a tepid "Hmmm" in reply to his Twitter post.

Blind item also hints at possible Benard exit

A blind item in this week's Soap Opera Digest says a veteran is exiting a soap but doesn't specify which actor or which soap. It seems pretty likely that Maurice Benard could be talking about a film project, but if you check his IMDb page, there's nothing there that matches what he talked about.

His latest role in "Hold On" was as Peter Duran, who was a music mogul. That's not a gangster. Then he just did horror movie called "Nightmare Cinema," but in that one, he plays a priest named Father Benedict. That's for sure not a gangster.

Before that, Maurice appeared in "Lover Betrayed," where he played a cop named Detective Alvarez.

And going back one more movie, there's "Ghost and the Whale," where he played a man who lost his wife at sea. However, he's not a gangster in that one either. "General Hospital" spoilers from ABC have shown no signs that Sonny could be leaving the show, but you never know. Actors retire all the time. Plus, Maurice has been known to drop spoilers on Twitter now and then.

Is Mo teasing fans about a new movie - or saying farewell?

While no "General Hospital" spoilers indicate Sonny's exit, that leaves the question of what was Maurice talking about in his tweet and Instagram post? Maybe he's not a new movie that's not on IMDb yet and he's trying to get fans excited. Or he could be trying to get attention since we all know actors love attention. Or this could be a legit spoiler and Sonny Corinthos and Maurice Benard are leaving "GH" after all these years. What do you think? Come back for more "General Hospital" spoilers.