Writer, producer, and director Tyler Perry has stepped up to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in a major way. He posted a video on Facebook on Thursday announcing what he plans to do.

Ways Perry is helping

The entertainment personality is donating $1 million to organizations that are assisting the thousands of victims who have been displaced because of the recent storm that left 47 dead in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. That is a big chunk of money that will help especially when combined with funds collected from other donors.

The 47-year-old television star has given to various charities in the past.

This time he has designated where he wants his donation to go for immediate help.

Perry spoke out in defense of Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church that seats almost 17,000 people. The televangelist came under fire for not opening the church in downtown Houston immediately in the wake of the flood. The 54-year-old pastor initially posted on Facebook a list of other places for victims to go. Later, he pointed out that the church was unsafe at the time. It was on Tuesday that he did open the church and has been accepting evacuees since then.

Perry says he knows the pastor and his wife, Victoria, are amazing people. He can't believe they deliberately locked the church's doors to keep people out in their time of need.

Therefore, Perry is sending $250,000 to Lakewood Church to make sure the evacuees get all the supplies they need. Another $250,000 is going to Beyonce's pastor, Rudy Rasmus, who is also the founder of the Houston non-profit Bread of Life. Perry hasn't decided which organizations are getting the remaining $500,000.

Others are helping

Many other celebrities have come forward with big donations. President Donald Trump pledged to give $1 million of his own money and so did Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio. Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians have donated $500,000.

Other things are being done to make a difference. For instance, Miranda Lambert helped with a cause that she is passionate about.

She has rescued more than 100 dogs from danger. Jamie Foxx is hosting an upcoming star-studded telethon to raise more money. Gymnast Simone Biles has been volunteering at a shelter to help her fellow Houstonians.

Those who are not donating money are helping in other ways that include providing medical attention and offering counseling services to those who are emotionally distraught. People are banding together to help wherever they can.