Wonder Woman” has proven itself as one of the most iconic movies of our time. The superhero movie made many firsts and had earned more than $821,000,000 at the worldwide box-office. These achievements have set the ground for future films for Diana Prince (Gal Dadot) who will be returning for a sequel film. Here’s the latest on “Wonder Woman 2.”

Production starts in 2018

After many months of waiting, Warner Bros. has finally shared its plans about “Wonder Woman 2.” The sequel to the hit superhero film is said to begin its production in June 2018.

Patty Jenkins will once again direct the movie.

Wonder Woman 2’s” production time is perfect as the film will have plenty of room to develop until its December 2019 release date. This will add to the assurance that Warner Bros. and Jenkins can take their time to make an amazing follow up to the superhero’s origin story.

Warner Bros. also shared the setting of the upcoming film. After World War I, Diana Prince will find herself in the 1980s. The superhero will have to help humanity against the Soviet Union in the middle of the Cold War. This period before her first appearance in “Batman v Superman” will be a good narrative to the superhero’s journey. The time skip allows us to see how Diana has grown outside Themyscira and how she has been living her everyday life outside the Wonder Woman suit.

Plus, it would be great to see how the character will deal with the Soviet Union. The Cold War didn’t really kill lives like that of the World War I. There was no full-scale war; there was no god to defeat. How will a superhero help people amongst the Soviet’s threat? It is definitely an interesting story explore.

Will Chris Pine return for the sequel?

Aside from confirming “Wonder Woman 2’s” time period, not much is revealed outside of the main plot Warner Bros. didn’t share any news about what happened to Diana after World War I. They also didn’t share any news regarding the possibility of her assistance in World War 2. What we all know now is that the next time we will see Diana is at the 1980’s.

There is no news on Steve Trevor’s (Chris Pine) return in the sequel. His ending on the first film prompted many people to speculate that the spy might have survived and possibly return in the upcoming film. Fans didn’t really see him burn on the spot, and seeing how superhero films have this tendency to bring people back to life; we might just see him in the future. For now, we will have to wait for more news.

Wonder Woman 2” is set to premiere in December 2019.