Following the heartbreaking mass shooting incident in Las Vegas on October 1, Sunday, various TV shows and celebrities took some time off to pay tribute to the massacre victims and the latest contributor is ABC's reality dance competition television series "Dancing With The Stars."

As per TV Guide, ABC reportedly announced the tribute episode a day after the shocking incident happened. The special segment kicked off its Monday episode with a moment of silence to pay tribute to the mass shooting victims. Moreover, the whole production also wanted to take a portion of the entire week to give the stars an ample time to relax and send out their sincerest love and prayers to the victims and their families.

Other big-named celebrities also paid tribute to the mass shooting victims

The reports further added that the episode aired with a 5-minute update from the Las Vegas location where the shooting took place, so the actual call time was reportedly pushed back from 8 PM to 8:05 PM Show host Tom Bergeron started the tribute segment with a few words of encouragement, saying that "the show must go on and it will."

While his voice was cracking, he went on saying, "But first all of us at 'Dancing with Stars' want to send out love, thoughts, and prayers to everyone touched by the senseless violence in Las Vegas. Please know that we are doing tonight's show with you foremost in our minds and hearts."

The sudden mass shooting incident in Las Vegas was indeed a nightmare for everyone, especially to the families of the deceased massacre victims.

With that, several big-named celebrities including Celine Dion, Madonna, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lopez have joined the parade of tributes during this difficult time.

Merciless mass shooting in Las Vegas: What exactly happened that night

It was like a normal Sunday evening with people enjoying the night with their friends and families, until something deadly took all of that away.

A man opened fire from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino with a high-powered rifle, aiming to shoot at the Harvest Music Festival happening nearby.

In a span of minutes, 58 people were killed on the spot and more than 500 people were injured. The authorities were quick to locate the root of the terrifying attack and identified a 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, who happens to be a resident nearby. The investigating officers busted Paddock's room with explosives, but they were late as the suspect already took his own life before they entered his room.