"Dancing With The Stars" is heating up on and off the ballroom floor. During this week's live show it was revealed that professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy would not be performing with his celebrity partner, Vanessa Lachey, due to "personal reasons." Fans immediately began to speculate regarding why Maks was missing from the show on Monday night, and now sources are dishing some major dirt on his absence.

Maks and Vanessa are having some major problems in their partnership

Radar Online reports that according to insiders, Maksim Chmerkovskiy refused to take the stage with Vanessa Lachey this week due to some serious "chemistry" issues the partners have been having behind closed doors at their "Dancing With The Stars" rehearsals.

The source added that Vanessa has been "difficult" to work with and that the couple have been fighting quite a bit during their scheduled practice sessions. Well, Maks apparently had enough, because he seemingly needed a break from his partner, and the insider revealed that he may not come back at all this season.

Vanessa has been making some big diva demands on set

"Dancing with the Stars" insiders revealed that Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Vanessa Lachey's personalities do not mesh well. Vanessa is allegedly a very dominant woman and likes "submissive men" whom she can boss around. Vanessa, who is married to her fellow "DWTS" cast member, Nick Lachey, has reportedly been trying to choreograph her own dances, design her own costumes, and even pick the music for her performances.

This is seemingly not flying with Maks, who needed to step away from Vanessa's alleged demands.

Vanessa earned low scores without Maks

The "Dancing With The Stars" insider went on to reveal that Vanessa Lachey's ego is "through the roof," and that she's been acting like a huge star on the "DWTS" set. However, the insider said that Vanessa has now been pegged as a major diva, and it may have driven Maksim Chmerkovskiy away for good.

Vanessa has also allegedly been getting jealous over Maks' wife, Peta Murgatroyd's sexy dance moves with her husband, Nick Lachey, even though she and Maks were also dancing very closely during a previous performance. Maks and Vanessa's scores have been really good, landing them at the top of the leader board each week. However, Vanessa scored her lowest marks of the season this week without Maks by her side.

What's next for the partners?

It remains to be seen if Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Vanessa Lachey will ever reunite to dance together again on "Dancing With The Stars," or if Maks will decide to take the rest of the season off and leave Vanessa and her diva demands for another professional dancer to deal with. "DWTS" airs Monday nights on ABC if you want to see how it all goes down.