Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are very much in love with each other. Their sweetness is visible in their photos on social media. However, the couple remains without a child. It's been almost a year since Jinger and Jeremy walked down the aisle and exchanged "I Dos" but they are still not expecting an addition to their family. While some are questioning Jinger's fertility, a number of "Counting On" fans show support for Jinger and Jeremy's choice in owning their relationship.

Jinger and Jeremy's marriage better than the rest of the Duggars

In a few weeks, Jinger and Jeremy will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

The couple will still be on their own as they are not expecting any addition to their family anytime soon and their followers love this about them. While some are questioning Jinger for not conceiving a baby, more approve her and Jeremy's approach in their marriage.

"Beautiful couple living their life by their decisions," one fan said about Jinger and Jeremy, The Hollywood Gossip reported. Another fan said that she's proud of Jinger for enjoying life and stressed that it is okay to not be pregnant. Another Duggar fan added that the couple is free to enjoy each other without kids.

Normally, the Duggar ladies get pregnant immediately after getting married. In fact, Jinger's sister Joy-Anna who just married Austin Forsyth in May is already pregnant.

As for Jinger being not pregnant, Jeremy confessed that they would use birth control to delay pregnancy. However, he later took back his words and said that they would leave things to God. So, some fans are hoping that the bashers stop attacking Jinger and Jeremy because it is possible that they have been trying but has difficulty conceiving.

Jinger lives by her own rules

Whether Jinger and Jeremy are trying to conceive or not, it’s not surprising for Jinger to not join her sisters in jumping to parenthood after getting married. Jinger has been dubbed as the “rebellious” Duggar because she does things in her own way. In fact, she continues to live by her own rules, especially now that she is away from her conservative family.

Since Jinger lives in Texas, she has been spotted wearing shorts, tight pants and sleeveless tops which violates the Duggar’s dress code. In addition to this, compared to her siblings she is visibly enjoying her married life with Jeremy as they tried new adventures like target shooting, ice skating, attending exhibits and more because they don't have a baby to look after.

What’s your take on Jinger and Jeremy’s relationship? Do you agree that not having a baby gives the couple more time for each other? Drop a comment below.