"Thor: Ragnarok" is hitting theaters in just three weeks and ahead of its release, Chris Hemsworth visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote the upcoming Marvel outing. Unsurprisingly, the 34-year old actor brought along with him an exclusive clip of the film, which shows a long-haired Thor who had just lost his hammer, Mjolnir to Hela, the Goddess of Death. Recently, some eagle-eyed fans pointed out that there may have been some minor plot changes to the film, as a new promo for the movie shows the scene in which Hela crushes the Mjolnir, but this time, Hela, Thor, and Loki were out on a field, and not in an alley, as shown in a previous trailer.

In the new exclusive clip, Thor reminisces about having his Mjolnir, saying "I really wish I had my hammer," while holding a sword. He recounted to a fellow gladiator that he used to spin the hammer really fast and it would take him up in the air, giving him the ability to fly. The other gladiator, new to the concept of flying hammers, hilariously questions Thor throughout the clip.

Film is packed with humor

The Taika Waititi-directed "Thor: Ragnarok" is a departure from the last two "Thor" films, which featured a more serious approach to the character. Waititi previously explained that he approached the movie as a standalone film, despite respecting what had come before it. While he was aware that there needed to be continuity somehow, he wanted viewers to watch the film and be able to look at it as a standalone flick.

As evidenced by the trailers and previews the upcoming movie seems like it has more humor than its predecessors. Chris Hemsworth told Entertainment Weekly, "[Director Taika Waititi] has such a quirky, left-of-field sense of humor, which forced all the characters and the tone of the whole story to head in a new direction. Each day we were like, ‘Are we pushing it too far?

Are we allowed to have this much fun?’"

'Friend from work'

The first trailer for "Thor: Ragnarok" found Chris Hemsworth's titular character quipping that Hulk was a "friend from work," and an exclusive clip from Entertainment Weekly further shows how Thor first interacts with the Hulk. It also shows Loki feeling very uncomfortable seeing the Hulk, given that he had given Loki a fair beating in "The Avengers." Speaking of Hulk, it seems that Marvel has decided to give him a three-film arc that begins with this year's "Thor: Ragnarok." Find out more about that here. In the meantime, mark your calendars for when "Thor: Ragnarok" hits theaters on November 3.