Outlander’s reunion episode did not disappoint. Fans had been waiting since July of last year for Claire and Jamie's Print Shop scene, and we’d imagined all sorts of scenarios surrounding their reunion. We even had to wait an agonizing extra week after Outlander's Episode 5 before being rewarded and seeing Mr. and Mrs. Fraser – er, Malcolm – reconcile.

Jamie can't believe it's really Claire

After he regains consciousness, Jamie’s incredulity at seeing Claire is spot-on believable.

Jamie looks as though he simultaneously wants to crush her in an embrace and handle her with kid gloves in case she disappears. On her part, Claire is just as uncertain about what to say or how to act, wondering if perhaps Jamie doesn’t actually want her there. But they soon put one another at ease on that point.

Later, in Jamie’s room, their awkwardness at first is almost painful, but it’s also oh-so-real. Seeing someone for the first time in 20 years is bound to cause some embarrassment and even discomfort. But their emotions and desires are forefront, the intimacy still obvious among all the confusion and uncertainty.

Outlander viewers felt Claire’s heart drop to the floor as she heard Jamie utter the words “I have a son.” And yet she so bravely and politely told him that she had expected that he’d have created a life for himself without her.

Her mind had to be reeling as he briefly told her of Willy and his mother, but her face did not betray her. Claire seems to serenely accept and process this information as if Jamie were speaking of a dear friend or nephew, not his own son.

20 years apart hasn't affected their chemistry

While to us, the Outlander actors obviously haven’t aged a day, Jamie and Claire both find that the other has aged beautifully.

Jamie’s tiny spectacles are both adorable and sexy, and the fact that Claire felt the need to cover the grey in her hair before meeting up with her love is so relatable. However, it’s more than a little bit unbelievable that a woman Claire’s age – she must be 50 or very close to it – would look that perfect. Luckily, the passion between the couple distracts us.

Their lovemaking proves to be as passionate as ever. The chemistry between actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe is incredible and intense, making all of us remember why we love them together so much.

Are Claire and Jamie headed for more trouble?

Even though Outlander's reunion scene in the print shop made viewers’ hearts swell, and never mind the deliciously dramatic love-making scenes, there was still the feeling that something was about to happen. It seemed almost too good to be true, that the other shoe was about to drop at any moment. And it did.

As usual, Claire did not stay put when Jamie asked her to; although, this time she merely went downstairs (her conversation with the “ladies of the establishment” was so fun!).

If she had stayed in the room as she was supposed to, the menacing gentleman may not have burst in to search for Jamie’s ledgers, and Claire would not have ended up wondering if she was about to be raped.

There’s a lot of ground to cover in the coming episodes!