Chelsea DeBoer has revealed that her son is going through a developmental phase at 8 months old and it sounds like he's growing fast. In this leap, he's supposed to learn how to crawl and perhaps he's focused on learning how to crawl because he's refusing to eat or sleep. On Twitter, Chelsea revealed that she's a bit exhausted from caring for her son, as he's going through these harsh and tough developmental phases. The "Teen Mom 2" star rarely opens up about this on the show, so Twitter has become her outlet for sharing information about her son.

Usually, she deals with custody issues or Adam Lind on the show.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that it has been rough to deal with Watson Cole during this phase, especially since he needs food and sleep to develop. Usually, when babies go through these developmental periods, they sleep and eat more because their brain is growing. But some babies can have a hard time sleeping because so much brain activity is going happening. This could explain why Watson isn't sleeping.

It sounds like he may be focusing on his desire to move around rather than eat or sleep.

Of course, he could also be teething, which is why he isn't eating as much and he isn't sleeping either.

Sleeping has been an issue before

Chelsea DeBoer has revealed that Watson has had sleep issues before. She has revealed that Watson has struggled to nap. While she claims he's a good sleeper at night, he has a hard time sleeping during the day.

He would prefer to just cat-nap and then stay up. Maybe he wants to spend time with his mother, instead of napping and developing.

Maybe he has a hard time getting through this phase and he could be so exhausted in a few weeks that he finally starts napping.

Scary fan influence

Chelsea DeBoer rarely opens up about her life in the spotlight.

While she does open up about her troubles as a mother, such as Watson's sleeping behavior, she rarely opens up about her life as a reality television fame. She recently revealed that while she loves her fans, she does not want fans to come to her house. She opened up about how a fan had shown up to her house and had rubbed her belly. It was completely crossing the line for her and she was shocked that this happened. Maybe it doesn't help Watson's sleep schedule that people are knocking at her door.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer's tweet about Watson having a hard time eating and sleeping? Do you think he will get better once he's done developing?