If you watched “Dancing With The Stars” last night (Oct. 23), then you would obviously know that Shania Twain was not only performing but also guest judging on the show. Twain’s performance of “Soldier” from her new album was not very well received by viewers or on social media. Many viewers noticed that the country singer was lip-syncing her way through the entire performance. However, it's hard to blame her for lip-syncing the song, as she had a very intense battle with Lyme disease in her past. The country artist almost lost her ability to speak because of the disease, so nobody should be angry that she lip-synced one performance.

Shania Twain’s judging

Although many would forgive Twain for lip-syncing her performance, only a few would forgive her for her strange comments on the show. For example, when Nikki Bella and her professional dance partner Artem Chigvintsev finished their performance, Twain seemed as if she was at a loss for words. She said the following with a confused face when judging their performance: “It's incredible how sensual the flick of ankles in unison can be.” Now, don’t get me wrong, that sounds rather beautiful and poetic, but it doesn’t really make any sense when judging a performance. For example, how would that comment help Bella and Chigvintsev in their future performances? As that quote wasn’t constructive in the least.

Shania Twain was brought on to guest judge the couples paying homage to popular films through their dance performances. An example of a film that was paid homage to through the couples dancing performances would be “Dirty Dancing.” It is also worth mentioning that in the episode, Lindsey Stirling and her professional dance partner Mark Ballas got a perfect score of 40-out-of-40 for their performance.

The dance was so good that Bruno thought it was the best dance of the entire season.

Shania Twain’s return to music

Twain obviously performed and guest judged on the show to promote her new album, "Now." This is her first album in over fifteen years, and it may sound different, but it is still a Shania Twain record. The country singer described herself on the album as “I’m still myself, but I’ve changed.” It is also worth mentioning that the quote she described herself with is also her favorite lyric from her brand new record.

The previous lyric is from the closing track of her return album “All in All.” The bottom line is that she may not have had the best night judging but even with lip-syncing she still knows how to put on a performance like no other.