Briana DeJesus shared some heartbreaking information on "Teen Mom 2" last night, as she had rushed her daughter Stella to the hospital. Stella's hands and feet had turned blue and she had struggles breathing. DeJesus revealed she struggled to deal with her emotions, as Briana learned that Stella struggled to breathe and get oxygen into her lungs. After extensive tests, Briana learned that her daughter struggled to breathe because she had three holes in her heart. However, it was heartbreaking that the "Teen Mom 2" star said that Luis hadn't asked about the condition.

He didn't seem to care that something was going on, as he was busy going through trucking school.

According to a new tweet, Briana DeJesus is now revealing that she's moving forward with her daughter Stella, even though Luis may not have stepped up to the point she had hoped. Before giving birth, Briana considered giving Stella up for adoption, as she didn't want to be a single mother once again. Even though she and Luis were not dating, she revealed that she could care for Stella with financial and emotional support from Luis. However, when she was weeks into her life, Stella still hadn't gotten support from her father.

Hints things are not great with Luis

On social media, Briana DeJesus has revealed that things are not exactly perfect with Luis.

While she claims he has stepped up a little bit, he may not be as involved as she had hoped. On Twitter last night, Briana revealed that Luis had indeed stepped up since he got yelled at by Briana and her mother. Perhaps he realized that it was bad of him not to do something for his daughter after learning that she had three holes in her heart.

Interestingly, Briana DeJesus called him Mr. Baldy on Twitter, clearly teasing him and mocking him. It sounds like they have a better relationship with one another, even though they aren't dating.

Would she have more kids?

Briana DeJesus has revealed that she doesn't want more kids, as she's now had two kids with two men that have promised her to step up but hasn't done anything. DeJesus reveals that she would like a stable relationship and she has been trying to move on. Fans have seen her with Javi Marroquin and they want them to start dating. Perhaps she could see Marroquin step up and be a stepfather to these two girls, as they don't have male figures in their lives.

What do you think of Briana DeJesus' tweet about Luis? Do you think she's happy with the way she has changed since Stella's birth?