Chelsea DeBoer is usually a very private person, but she lives in a small town in South Dakota. Plus, her father is a local dentist so it may not take a lot of research to figure out where she lives. Some fans of "Teen Mom 2" may be interested in visiting her home to see what her surroundings are like. DeBoer is very comfortable in her small town and she likes to live in her small bubble. However, it sounds like fans are starting to enter into her small bubble, as they try to find her home. As it turns out, Chelsea has had a few scary encounters and she is now speaking out about it.

Chelsea revealed that she didn't want fans to show up at her house, knock the door, and start talking to her. Sadly, this has been happening more often than not.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that she truly does love her fans, but she would prefer that they didn't come onto her property. Sadly, DeBoer's house was featured on the show, so fans may know what her home looks like, which could be scary for her. Plus, Cole is at work so she's left defenseless at home.

Scary incident

On Twitter, Chelsea DeBoer opened up about her desire to have some privacy in her home. She explained that she loves her fans and she appreciates all the support, but she would like for fans to stay away from her home.

Apparently, DeBoer is tired of fans surprising her, as she's at home caring for her children.

But Chelsea also opened up about a scary incident, where she explained that a fan had shown up at her door while she was pregnant and had started rubbing her belly without permission.

Maybe Chelsea felt really uncomfortable because she felt scared when fans showed up at her door and started rubbing her belly.

Fans want to cross the line frequently

This isn't the first time that fans have crossed the line. Kailyn Lowry revealed that she also had issues with fans showing up at her house. Jenelle Evans would probably agree, as her followers have called the cops to her house, and they have also called Child Protective Services to get Jace and Kaiser removed.

It was because of the fans that she decided to purchase a home in the country, where they could not find her. Maybe Chelsea is thinking about relocating. Some of her fans suggested that Cole build a fence to keep fans away.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer's tweet, where she opened up about her scary incident with fans? Are you surprised that people are overstepping their boundaries?