Bob Weinstein is the Brother of Harvey Weinstein, who is currently being investigated for several counts of sexual abuse and harassment. Bob has spoken to the media about the case and has revealed the turbulent relationship he has had with his brother. He did not defend Harvey and has claimed that his brother will no longer be allowed to hurt anyone anymore.

He is devastated by his brother's actions

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bob Weinstein is devastated in the wake of the allegations against his brother, Harvey. Bob claimed that he had no idea about the sexual abuse that was going on as he has been estranged from his brother for several years now.

He has claimed that he is devastated to hear that his brother is capable of such a thing but and as far as he knew his brother was having affairs.

In a report by the Guardian, Bob has claimed that he wants to have his brother removed from the Academy. The brothers were longtime business partners but Bob has stated that he does not want the Weinstein Company to be associated with his brother anymore. There has been no confirmation on what exactly this means for the company.

Bob claims that his brother had problems

According to the Guardian, Bob Weinstein claimed that he knew his brother was dealing with serious issues but in no way knew the true nature of this. Bob stated that he knew his brother was an aggressive individual and suffered because of this behavior.

He claimed he was aware that his brother would abuse other people verbally but thought that this came from a place of aggression. He was unaware of his brother's sexual advances towards women.

In a report by the Hollywood Reporter, Bob stated that he feels immense regret at not trying to get his brother help sooner. He stated that as a family member, he should have taken the necessary steps in order to get his brother help.

Bob claimed that his brother is a very sick individual and that he hopes he gets the justice that he deserves.

Bob got emotional as he stated that he was a father of three daughters and to hear about what was happening to these women hit him hard. Bob stated that he was often a victim of his brother's verbal abuse and that one time this abuse turned physical.

He is not trying to excuse himself from the responsibility he bares as Harvey's brother but wishes to explain that he did not know the full extent of what was happening at the time.

Bob Weinstein stated that his brother is a bully and deserves everything that happens to him from this point onward.