Katy Perry is a popular singer and has gained a huge fan base. Over the years, she has received many requests from fans, and recently she received a video from one, which caught her attention. One of her fans was going to be attending her concert on National Coming Out Day and wanted to propose to her girlfriend on stage. Perry was beyond excited to be involved in the proposal and set about planning with her fan.

The singer brought two fans onstage

According to Billboard, Katy Perry was performing on stage at the Barclays Center when she invited two special guests up on stage.

One of the guests had posted a video asking Perry for her help when proposing to her girlfriend on National Coming Out Day. Perry referred to the video by telling the guests that they had asked for a wish setting the context for the surprised fans.

In a report by Pop Sugar, Perry revealed she had organized the proposal with one of the women, also named Katy. Once the pair were onstage Katy asked her fan what her wish was. Katy, the fan, then replied that her girlfriend, Becky, was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen before getting down on one knee and proposing.

Katy Perry also got down on one knee and turned to Becky telling her to say yes if she wanted to get married. Becky was completely shocked and said yes, causing the crowd to roar in approval.

Katy Perry then took a moment to capture a selfie with the happy couple before they walked off stage together hand in hand.

Fans shared the excitement online

According to Pop Sugar, fans who were at the show managed to capture the beautiful moment on camera. They then uploaded the video footage online, and it gained immediate traction.

Fans began to share and like the video, sending it circulating around the internet.

Fans have been commenting on the video expressing their disbelief. They have stated that Becky is very lucky to have someone who would go to such lengths to propose to her. Many fans could not contain their excitement over the cute moment, simply leaving several heart emojis beneath the video.

Katy Perry stated that she was so happy to be involved in the proposal, and was glad that her fan had contacted her. She claimed that their engagement was very special as it was on National Coming Out Day and that they now have another reason for celebrating the day. Perry showed her undying support for the LGBTQ+ community, and fans have praised her for helping her fan to pull off the proposal.

Katy Perry has always been a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and proved this again by helping with the proposal.