Although fans of “Riverdale” are still recovering from the aftermath of the shocking season premiere, it's becoming obvious that there is no rest for this wicked gang. Betty And Veronica are trying everything they can to save Pop’s, while Archie is conducting his own investigation to find the shooter of his dad. Finally, Jughead is doing everything in his power to save his father from a life behind bars.

Archie buys a gun and more

Archie is still not over the vision of his father’s shooter, and he sees him everywhere. He cannot sleep, relax, or remain calm.

One of his main concerns is his father's missing wallet because it contains all of their personal information (including their home address).

Furthermore, he is not satisfied with how the police are handling the investigation, and this causes the poor guy to walk around his house with a baseball bat. As a result, he goes to Reggie asking for some drugs to keep him awake, in case of an intruder break in. This horrible situation deepens as Archie decides to buy a gun as well (as if his paranoia needed an accessory).

Pop’s diner

After the shooting, it is obvious that Pop’s would have some problems with the clientele. However, no one thought his lovely corner would become a “Death Diner.” After discovering that Pop’s is being sold to an anonymous buyer, Betty and Veronica decide to organize an event to help save the diner from bankruptcy.

Thankfully, lots of people showed up, and the whole event was a success. It is safe to assume that Pop’s will be around for a while longer.

But, of course, things could not have been that simple. In a not-so-surprising twist of events, Hiram reveals to Hermione that he secretly owns the diner. It seems that he has not changed after all (sorry Veronica!).

Jughead and Penny Peabody

Meanwhile, Jughead is trying to save his dad from 20 years in federal prison. After seeing that his lawyer is not helping, he turns to the Serpents. They take him to Penny Peabody. After advising him to get the family of the family of the victim to forgive his father in front of a judge, she requires a payment in the future, a favor.

However, FP was not happy when he found out Jughead owned the “Snake Handler” a favor. Although in the beginning, Cheryl and her mom did not accept to forgive FP, Betty "went dark-side" to convince them. She threatened to put the video of Jason’s murder up on the internet if Cheryl did not testify for FP’s release. Though Betty’s actions aren’t ethical, she did do it for Jughead, and it worked in the end.

Lastly, Archie was shocked, when he found out about Miss Grundy’s brutal murder with a cello bow (the one he gave to her) and started to wonder if there is any relation between the killings. Not to mention that Alice Cooper discovered the “Jingle Jangle” drug deal as well. To end things on a dark note, although they do not know yet, Moose and Midge were murdered. It looks like we are dealing with a serial killer, and in these cases, no one in Riverdale can be truly safe, or even trusted.