Batman might die in the upcoming movie Justice League,” according to Edward Wallace of Fortress Of Solitude. The character, which is portrayed by Ben Affleck, can suffer the same consequences as those of Superman in the previous films.

Wallace said that there is a huge possibility that some characters might be killed off in the upcoming movies, either because of the actors bowing out of the franchise or due to the story. One of these characters is Ben Affleck's Batman.

Batman’s character has been seen in the trailer as the superhero who will battle with the film’s main antagonist.

Furthermore, his greatest sidekick Superman is presently dead in the Warner Bros storyline due to what took place in “Batman v Superman.”

Affleck has also shared his insights about his character, saying that Batman is "a little bit more sardonic," with hints of irony. He has been possessed by rage during his fights but is now on a mission to bring the Justice League together. Because of this irony, there will be a darker and humorous take on the story, he added.

Caped Crusader

Many actors have taken on the role of Batman through the years, whether it is on television or through the movie franchise. It has been rumored that Ben Affleck is ready to walk away from the franchise, with “Justice League” serving as his last film as the Caped Crusader, a previous report in The Hollywood Reporter said.

Wallace said that because of this scenario, many of these reports point “to his death in the upcoming film.” He also shared some theories about the death of the character.

Supporting arguments

The writer said that Batman’s death could be possible since the DC Extended Universe has centered on the theme of sacrifice. He noted Superman’s demise as an example.

Furthermore, the Caped Crusader’s demise would be seen as redemption for what happened to the Man of Steel.

The probable death is also supported by the storyline, since Nightwing is about to arrive, Wallace wrote further. Besides, the end of the character in “Justice League” will provide Affleck the big chance to focus on other projects.

Meanwhile, DC and Warner Bros have released new official posters of “Justice League,” Collider reported. The posters feature Batman and Wonder Woman facing sideways in a very dramatic photo shared on Twitter.

The upcoming movie will be a direct sequel to the “Wonder Woman” movie and will center on events after “Dawn of Justice.” It will be shown in worldwide theaters in November.

Other spoilers about "Justice League" includes confirmation of Superman appearing in the film and that there were some reshoots required for the movie.