The producers of "Bachelor in Paradise" are now in trouble over a Sexual Harassment case from a former Production Assistant. TMZ shared the details of what happened. Becky Steenhoek is suing Warner Bros. Entertainment and several producers from the show. She is a former employee and used to work as a production assistant on the show.

What did Becky say happened?

Becky is saying that she just worked on the show and wasn't part of the series, but they asked her a ton of really inappropriate questions. She says that she has a lack of "sexual inexperience and conservative views about sex." Becky revealed that they asked her a ton of questions that were inappropriate such as if she likes to masturbate, play with sex toys and more.

She feels like these were meant to embarrass her. She complained about the things they were saying to her and then she got fired after that happened. Whatever reason they used when they fired her has not been revealed yet.

The questions allegedly got a lot dirtier than just the ones that are listed here. It is the kind of thing that would upset anyone. The confusion is on why they didn't just stop instead of firing her when she complained about it. The fans really do want some more details.

What does this have to do with the Corrine and DeMario drama?

It actually has nothing at all to do with the drama between Corrine and DeMario. This is not the same producer that was involved in all of the drama with them.

You do have to wonder if some of the same people were involved in both situations, though.

So far, Warner Bros. isn't giving a statement about this lawsuit, but the fans want to know what is going on. They would like to hear their side of it. This could end up going to court or they could end up settling outside of court at some point.

The last season of "Bachelor in Paradise" halted filming after the drama with Corinne and DeMario, but then they did start filming again. Right now, they are making plans for the show "The Bachelor: Winter Games." It would not surprise anyone if they decided not to have "Bachelor in Paradise" at all anymore. Some great couples have come out of this show, but also a lot of drama.

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