Stephen Paddock, 64, shot and killed 59 victims and wounded around 527 people who were attending a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday. Now exclusive photos have been tweeted by a reporter from Boston 25 News showing the interior of Paddock’s two-room suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

As reported by the New York Daily News, police found an arsenal of 23 firearms in Paddock’s 32nd-floor room, where the gunman shot himself prior to the arrival of the police. According to officials on Monday, among the weapons were 16 assault rifles and a handgun plus ammunition, which police believe he smuggled into the room in a suitcase.

Paddock came fully prepared for his bloody massacre

One of the assault rifles was fitted with a stand and a scope, while another was fitted with a long ammunition magazine. There was also a hammer that Paddock used to smash the window of the Hotel Room before he started spraying concertgoers below with gunfire.

While evidence collection continues, police have also found a further 19 guns in Paddock’s home, together with thousands of rounds of ammunition.

The hotel room looked directly over the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Just 1,200 feet below, approximately 22,000 people were enjoying a performance by country music singer Jason Aldean. At one point in the shooting, Paddock reportedly fired off 280 rounds into the crowd below in just 31 seconds.

Police found Paddock’s room within 20 minutes into the shooting massacre due to the hotel’s smoke alarms being triggered by the huge amount of gunpowder in the air.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino was eerily quiet Monday night

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that both the inside and outside of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino was eerily quiet Monday night.

While the hotel is normally busy with convention attendees and gamblers enjoying themselves, their report states it seemed like a newly-opened casino that no one knew about.

On the casino floor, which is around the size of two football fields, only around 100 people were playing the slot machines and table games. However, that area had been packed with life only 26 hours before when Paddock began his deadly shooting spree.

According to the report, three police officers were standing next to an ambulance outside the hotel’s main entrance. Behind that ambulance, yellow tape stretches across the entrance, keeping guests away from the area of Las Vegas Boulevard between Russel Road and Tropicana, which remains off limits. According to police officers at the scene, they have been assigned that area for a week while investigators continue their work with the brutal, bloody and tragic crime scene.