The latest episode of the new Fox series just aired, moving forward with the Strucker family’s dilemma as the Sentinel Services fervently track them down. Meanwhile, the underground mutants are going through their own troubles as things escalate between Blink and Thunderbird.

The Gifted premiered on October 12 and it has received positive reviews from fans and critics, claiming it to be the best Marvel television series yet based on the “X-Men” series. The story takes place in an alternate timeline where the X-Men have somehow disappeared and mutants have been considered a threat to the public.

The Struckers call for help

The Marvel series currently focuses on two elements, which are the Strucker family and the underground organization of mutants. Their paths crossed when the Struckers found out that their children were mutants and they had no choice but to seek the help of those mutants in hiding.

However, things didn’t go as planned and Reed Strucker, the father of Lauren and Andy, ended up getting hurt and detained during the great escape. Now, the Sentinel Services are trying to force information out of Reed, convincing him that they’ll trade his family’s safety for the information on the underground mutants.

Reed attempted to go with the plan of luring them into the mutants’ secret hideout but bailed out as soon as he realized that he was putting a lot of lives at risk.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Struckers who are hiding at the secret headquarters have escaped to seek help for the mutants and Reed.

Caitlin Strucker heads to where her brother, Danny, lives to ask for help, but Danny was reluctant because he didn’t want to put his own family in danger. However, after a village led an uprising to take away his mutant nephew and niece because of a huge bounty, Danny eventually realized the urgency of the matter and decided to help his sister.

Blink gets a memory boost

“The Gifted” succeeded in showing the powers of several mutants in various ways that fans never got to see in the movie franchise or in other related television series. The awesome display of Blink’s powers in last week’s episode was tapped once again in the third episode in an attempt to save John Proudstar (Thunderbird), Marco Diaz (Eclipse), and the three Struckers from a mob of armed men chasing them for the bounty.

However, Clarice Fong (Blink) wasn’t sure she could use her powers anymore, claiming that after going haywire in the previous episode, her powers have somehow disappeared. Dreamer, who’s in love with John, was out of ideas and she knew she had to save John and the rest even if it meant she had to play with Blink’s memories.

Blink’s powers came back after Dreamer embedded a fabricated memory of her and John as a couple. Thanks to the fake memory, Blink got the strength to even control her power and eventually save the fleeing group of mutants.