"Alaskan Bush People" fans are worried about the current condition of Ami Brown as she undergoes a second round of chemotherapy. Although the Brown Family didn't give an update about Ami yet, Rain Brown just shared that their family is still hopeful and faithful about her mother's condition.

In an Instagram post, Rain revealed that her mother would undergo chemotherapy once again. She also added that she cannot say how her mom is doing yet. But she is hopeful that she will be okay soon. The message comes with a photo of some tea and essential oils for Ami.

Ami is getting treatment in California, which explains why the Browns are were living in a mansion in Beverly Hills.The house is just a few minutes to the hospital. This makes it easier for them to bring Ami for treatment. But recently, the family is spotted in Arizona without Ami. Where is the Brown matriarch?

Family moving to Colorado

According to Monsters and Critics, the Browns are seen in Arizona, which is located between California and Colorado. This could mean that they are indeed heading to Colorado where they are planning to set up their permanent shelter.

But everyone noticed that aside from Bear, Bam Bam, and Noah, their mother Ami wasn't seen in the pictures with them. However, fans are saying that they believe Ami is with them since Billy has never left Ami ever since they got married.

If Ami is indeed with them, fans are concerned that traveling could be dangerous for her.

Ami's chemo on hold?

Since the family is moving, there is a possibility that the chemotherapy of Ami is on hold. But according to Pop Culture, Ami's weight has allegedly gotten too low which will be hard for her to get her treatments. Aside from that, the side effects of chemotherapy are also taking a toll on her health, and it is rough for her to manage the treatment for now.

The outlet further reveals that the break from the treatment is just brief and Ami is given an exact time frame when she will get the next treatment. Because of this, critics think that the Browns are faking the illness of Ami. Some comments on the Alaskan Bush People Exposed page are saying that something is fishy about Ami's cancer.

But of course, more fans are praying that Ami could win her battle against cancer.

Back in August, Ami revealed that her doctors told her that she only has 3% chance of survival. But despite this, she remains strong, and she still has faith in God. She added that it would be easy just to give up and die, but she prefers to be positive. Ami also wants to be an inspiration to other people who are facing health crisis like her.