It has been a week since Aaron Carter has entered rehab for drug abuse and since then, the singer has also signed off Twitter, his preferred social media of choice. It's on Twitter where he usually goes on his rants and raves about his fans, his struggles, and anything that he feels like talking about. Last weekend, the singer bid goodbye, writing that he is "taking a break from this sh--" and that he will be back in 2018. He also clarified that his family "has nothing to do with [entering rehab]" and that in fact, "I've actually had to cut them all off unfortunately and it's gonna stay that way." Carter admittedly has a strained relationship with his older brother, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, which is why his response to Nick's bandmate, AJ McLean, wasn't pleasant either.

AJ McLean offers support to Aaron Carter

Last week, Page Six reported that Backstreet Boy Aj Mclean expressed his desire to support Aaron Carter through his rehabilitation process. McLean told TMZ that he experienced personal struggles with drug abuse himself and that he's "come out the other end. He shared, I’m sober today, but at the same time, it’s a lot of work." McLean added that he is "worried" about Carter because he feels like the former child star is his "little brother." The Backstreet Boys band member shared, "I’m actually about to reach out to him and give him a phone call, see if he wants to sit down with me today and hopefully talk some sense into him."

McLean understands the frustration

AJ McLean also admitted that he truly understands Nick Carter's and the rest of the Carter family's frustration that they could not get to Aaron to stage an intervention.

McLean said that his own wife and bandmates went through that same frustration of not being able to drive home the point that the person is being abusive on drug and alcohol use. The 39-year old reiterated his desire to help and his hope that Aaron Carter would listen to his family's pleas, something that the former child star seems to be ignored at this time.

Carter reacts to AJ McLean's statements

Radar Online reported that according to a source close to Aaron Carter, the 29-year old singer is "confused" as to why AJ McLean is expressing his desire to support him. In fact, the two "haven't talked in ages," which is why McLean's vocal support of Carter "isn't sitting well with him." Nonetheless, fans continue to be supportive of Carter, who insists on his privacy during these trying times.