It was about 45 minutes into Marilyn Manson’s performance at the Hammerstein Ballroom when it happened. A prop, representing two huge pistols, fell down on him as he performed. Manson was immediately rushed to a local hospital. A source close to the rocker said he should be fine, although currently the extent of his injuries is unknown.

Marilyn Manson climbs on a prop leading to its collapse

Manson was performing a cover of the Eurythmic’s song “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” when it happened. He attempted to climb the stage prop, which represented two pistols and were double his height.

As the singer climbed onto the prop it collapsed, knocking him down to the stage floor.

Initially, the band continued playing, until they noticed Manson wasn’t moving. The stage and house lights stayed down for a few minutes, while a drop cloth was placed over the podium. When the lights came up again, the announcement was made that the concert was canceled “due to injury.”

Rocker being treated in a local hospital

Emergency responders were there in about 10 minutes, placing Manson on a stretcher and taking him to a local New York hospital. Variety quoted a spokesman for Manson as confirming the rocker had been injured towards the end of his NYC show and was receiving treatment at a local hospital.

A source close to the singer told Variety he should “be fine,” but added this was not an official statement.

Witnesses tell their story about the incident

Anthony Biscardi was part of the audience when the incident happened, saying the prop quickly fell onto the singer and he appeared to be limp, as if he had been knocked out.

Biscardi added that all the fans in the audience began panicking.

The New York Daily News quotes, Ciro Castro, 28, of Maspeth, Queens, who saw the incident as it happened from his seat in the second row. He said it happened so fast, he initially believed it was part of the performance. However, he then saw the expression on the faces of the guitarist and others who had rushed to Manson’s aid, and said they looked really scared.

Castro watched as the stage crew lifted the prop off the rocker, who lay motionless on the stage and as the lights were turned off, he could see them covering Manson with a blanket. Castro went on to say he saw an ambulance as it took Manson away.

Some Twitter users responded to the incident with black humor:

Not Manson's first injury this week

Manson has been having a bad week, as he reportedly also hurt an ankle on Friday during a concert in Pittsburgh, Pa. While singing “Beautiful People” the singer jumped off stage and after climbing back on the stage he told the audience he had just broken his ankle, but that it was OK.