It's been a difficult past couple of months for singer Aaron Carter, who quit Twitter in June after he experienced cyber bullying. He took to social media to express his disgust at some fans who commented that he was too skinny and that he looked like he had either an eating disorder or cancer. The 29-year old singer then quit Twitter but resumed using the social media platform shortly thereafter to promote his shows.

Last weekend, Carter was arrested in Georgia for possession of marijuana and other drug-related items, as well as Dui. This week, the singer spoke with ET to share his side of the story, insisting that he has a license to obtain marijuana and that he was not an addict.

He explained that at the time of his arrest, he was not under the influence of marijuana and that he is only taking it for medical purposes. Carter stressed that he is using marijuana to treat anxiety, chronic pain, and boost his appetite and counter the effects of a hiatal hernia, a condition he was born with. He even challenged the public to let him take a lie detector test to see if he is telling the truth.

Nick Carter sends his support via Twitter

Aaron Carter's big brother, Backstreet Boys band member Nick Carter took to Twitter to offer support for his sibling, a move that Aaron immediately took offense to.

Aaron claimed that if Nick was truly concerned for his well-being, then he should have used more private ways to contact him.

Nick's wife, Lauren, took to Twitter to fire back, saying that Aaron kept changing his numbers and that his family was no longer updated on what number he was using. Aaron told Us Weekly that "I change my number often for security issues and in an attempt to have a calm and less stressful life overall.

Many often don't respect that, but my current team does. Regarding Nick's tweet and Lauren's, they have the number I have now and weren't blocked."

He said, she said

It now boils down to a game of he said, she said, given that Nick and Lauren Carter claim to not be able to contact Aaron Carter.

In a separate interview with Us Weekly, Aaron admitted that "there's too much animosity" and "conflict of interest" between the two brothers. After all, both are in the pop music industry and both grew up in showbiz. Nonetheless, Aaron said that "I will always love you and I will always have forgiveness in my heart for you." Ironically, after calling out Nick for using such a public platform to reach out, Aaron did the same, telling Nick that "before you read tabloids and you make assumptions, you should reach out to me."