Aaron Carter has checked out of Rehab just 14 days after he submitted himself to improve his overall health. According to a statement obtained by E! News, the 29-year old singer "has left the facility where he has been working on his wellness" because he had to attend to "several legal and personal matters" that "required his immediate in person attention." It is unclear what these matters could possibly be and how they would come first before his mental and physical health. Carter previously appeared in an episode of "The Doctors," in which he admitted that he was struggling with the drugs that he was being prescribed for his health issues.

Singer is still 'committed' to becoming better

According to Aaron Carter's rep Steve Honig, the singer is "very much committed to his wellness and will be continually working toward being the best possible person." Despite promising on Twitter to come back in 2018, Carter immediately took to his social media to show off an update on his health. He even posted a before and after selfie showing off how much weight he had gained. He visibly looked like he was in good spirits as well. He wrote, "Seeing is believing. See?? It's important to encourage people when you don't know what they're going through."

Performer gained 30 lbs in three weeks

As part of Aaron Carter's mission to get better, he is also trying to gain some weight.

He was previously bullied for being too skinny and even took to Twitter to share his disgust at fans who criticized his thin, sickly frame. More recently, Carter took to Twitter again to show that from 115 lbs, he was able to gain 30 lbs "in just three weeks." He wrote that he "needed some time to heal. This is a direct result.

Got my weight back up."

Recovering well after just two weeks

A source close to Aaron Carter told Us Weekly that the singer was "upset" that he had to leave rehab. In fact, the source said, "Aaron knows that many people may not believe this excuse, but he was really upset he had to leave to handle this situation. He still has plans to continue his recovery." For now, it's unclear if Carter has plans on returning to rehab anytime soon, or if he plans to continue promoting his new music through touring and performing.

Recently, Backstreet Boy AJ McLean commented that he wanted to reach out to Carter, something that the latter did not take lightly. A source close to Carter said that he was surprised that McLean was suddenly interested in his case, but the Backstreet Boy only wanted to reach out because he also had personal struggles with drugs in the past.