The critically-acclaimed anime film, “Your Name,” will be getting a Live Action movie in the near future. According to The Verge, J.J. Abrams and Paramount Pictures will be working on the film alongside Toho, the company that originally produced the anime movie. That said, there are plenty of scenes in the film that fans would want in the upcoming adaptation. Here are some of the most memorable moments in “Your Name” that should be included in the live-action film. Take note that there will be spoilers ahead, so read at your own discretion.

Mitsuha meets Taki in Tokyo

This certain scene appears later in the movie and explains how Taki received his iconic bracelet. As we know, their body switching antics are not on the same timetable as Taki’s timeline is three years in the future. So when Mitsuha finally stumbles across the teenage boy in Tokyo, it’s only natural that he didn’t know her yet. However, the two still had sweet parting as Mitsuha tosses her hair band at Taki just as she’s pushed out of the train. Since then, he’s been using her ribbon as his good luck charm by wearing it as a bracelet.

Katware Doki (Twilight)

Later in the film, Taki learns about the tragic event that destroyed Mitsuha’s town three years ago. He then goes to Itomori in an attempt to save Mitsuha and the town.

Along the way, the two switch bodies and “meet” on top of the mountain. After hearing each other’s voices, the two circle around the mountain to find each other, until to realize that they’re still stuck in their respective timelines. However, during katware doki, they finally get the chance to meet each other face to face.

Their bittersweet encounter is cut short just after Taki manages to write “I love you” on her palm.

Your name is...

At the end of the film, Taki and Mitsuha manage to save the people in Itomori before the comet accident. Despite this, the two completely lose all memories of each other and the incident. While they still experience a lingering attachment, it isn’t enough to spark their memories of everything they went through.

However, keeping in line with the “red thread of fate” theme, the two eventually stumble across each other five years later in Tokyo. The movie ends with the two asking each other’s names, hence the film’s title.

Body switching antics

Aside from all the dramatic scenes, the “Your Name” live-action film should also include some of the silly body switching activities they do. Taki was always fond of fondling his “breasts” whenever he would wake up as Mitsuha. Meanwhile, Mitsuha always had her feminine charm whenever she would switch to Taki’s body. However, her laid-back country attitude had gotten her mixed up with all sorts of trouble in Tokyo.