Blizzard just released the next “Overwatch” comic that stars Zarya, Sombra, and a new Omnic character. The new narrative fleshes out the Russian hero and her outlook towards the robots. She travels around the world on a mission to take down the Mexican hacker and stumbles across some interesting revelations along the way. That said, there are actually a few Easter Eggs hidden within several pages in the comic. Here are some of the secrets you might have missed in the “Overwatch” “Searching” comic.

Efi and Orisa

Orisa is the 24th hero in the game that was released after Sombra.

During her reveal, Blizzard released some articles on Efi Oladele, the child genius who built the Omnic hero. In “Searching,” Zarya travels to Numbani and is disgusted at the sight of humans and Omnics working together. In the background, you can see Orisa walking alongside Efi, as per Dot Esports. However, Zarya doesn’t notice the child genius and vice versa. That said, Blizzard has yet to fully establish the relationships between all of the characters in the game.

Alejandra returns

After their fruitless search, Zarya and her new Omnic friend decide to knock on every single door in Dorado with the hopes of finding more information about Sombra. Along the way, they stop by a bakery where they stumble across a girl named Alejandra.

The little girl points them to Sombra’s hideout where they eventually scuffle with the Mexican hacker. However, those who’ve watched Solder: 76’s “Hero” cinematic might recognize Alejandra’s face as the same girl that was targeted by the Los Muertos gang. Overall, her cameo is just a cool little nod to the “Overwatch’s” side characters that appear in outside of the game.

Sombra’s name

In the game’s lore, Sombra is one of the best hackers in the entire world. However, she was forced to wipe away all traces of her past life after being discovered by a mysterious group on the internet. Since her initial reveal, Blizzard has kept a tight lip on her real name. Zarya somehow manages to discover her true identity which catches Sombra off guard.

For those who are wondering, Sombra’s real name is Olivia Colomar.

A major event is about to unfold

Blizzard has been heavily implying that something big is about the shake up the “Overwatch” universe. While Doomfist and the Talon terrorists are planning to start a war, Sombra mentions that “there’s something bigger going on” and that it will affect everyone and everything. At the end of “Searching,” Zarya mentioned that she will return to Russia, mulling over her goals and conflicted emotions.