Zendaya has recently shared that she has been cheated on in the past and took this opportunity to teach her fans another valuable life lesson. The star shared some advice on how to tackle the situation and tore down the reporter’s view that all men are dogs. The Actor reminded her audience that no one has the power to change another person.

The star opened up in an interview about being cheated on

According to Entertainment Tonight, Zendaya has opened up about being cheated on in the past by a boyfriend but has not revealed the individual who cheated on her.

The star was asked if she had ever experienced being cheated on during an interview with Entertainment Tonight which the actor later posted online.

Zendaya stated that she has been cheated on but when it comes to being cheated on, each individual person and situation is different. Zendaya has been linked with former NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. and fellow Disney star Trevor Jackson.

There are currently rumors that Zendaya and her co-star Tom Holland are currently a couple despite the fact that both of the actors have denied this several times. Zendaya opened up about these rumors during the interview and stated that rumors spread all the time and that she and Tom were prepared to be dealing with this type of situation.

The actor revealed that it simply comes with the territory.

The actor stated that men are not dogs

According to Page Six, Zendaya has stated that the interviewer's statement that all men are dogs is not true and is a stereotypical perspective of men. The young actor stated that men should not be categorized because of something that happened to someone once.

In saying that Zendaya went on to give advice to her audience by telling them that in this kind of situation they should follow their guts. The star stated that if someone thinks that they are being cheated on that, they probably are and claimed that if one cannot trust their partner, then the relationship is probably already over.

In a report by Entertainment Zendaya has also revealed that he thinks she is far too young to be taking relationships so seriously. She claims that when people are dating when they are young that they really do not know what they want and it is a very experimental time in their lives. The actor holds herself to the same standards and states that she does not want to conform to a relationship this early in her life.

Fans are shocked that someone would ever cheat on Zendaya and are proud of the message that the star has shared with her audience.