Zayn Malik has made a huge decision to shave off all of his hair. The celebrity who usually avoids unwanted media attention revealed his new look online and the internet exploded. Fans could not believe that Zayn had made such a drastic life decision. It is possible that his decision was prompted by his religious beliefs as he recently celebrated Eid ul-Adha with girlfriend Gigi Hadid and her family.

Malik made the announcement through social media

According to the Telegraph, Zayn Malik has recently revealed his decision to shave all of his hair off.

The former "One Direction" star has posted an image of his new style on his Instagram account. While the celebrity has decided to ditch the hair on his head, he has still kept his trimmed beard.

This is not the first time that Malik has made a drastic decision when it comes to how his styles his hair. The star has gone through many different styles over the years including dying his hair both green and silver. Zayn has also shaved his hair down but this is the first time that the star has dedicated himself to shaving his hair off completely.

According to Fox News, it appears that Malik has gotten the full support of his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Hadid is pictured in a photograph with Zayn Malik as he reveals his new look to the world.

While Malik is certainly happy with his new look, the same cannot be said for his fans as many are shocked and outraged at the star's decision.

Fans have taken to social media

According to Fox News, many fans are greatly upset with Zayn Malik's decision to shave his hair off. Fans have been posting messages to various social media platforms sharing their disbelief at the major change.

Zayn has been loved for years for his signature hairstyles and many fans have been brought to tears because of his decision to go bald.

Some fans have been stating that the photographs on Instagram are not real and that Malik is wearing a bald cap. Other fans have been telling the star that he has made a terrible mistake. Many claims that the former "One Direction" star is no longer good looking and others plead with Malik to glue his hair back onto his head.

However, while many fans have expressed their displeasure of Zayn Malik's new look others have stated that the bald head suits him. In a report by Metro, it appears that the star still has many loyal fans out there. These loyal fans have been showering the star with compliments and support for his brave decision.

Zayn has certainly changed his style from his “One Direction” days and fans are shocked to see just how much the star has changed.