One of the most high-profile breakups in Hollywood took place when long-time couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt decided to split. Jolie cited Pitt’s bad habits and his behavior toward the kids as her reason for the split. The pair headed for a divorce, and since then, have been on good terms. The duo shares six children together, and rumors were flooding the internet that suggested that the celebrity couple could get back together. Earlier this year, reports were indicating that the couple wants to come together again.

Reports regarding the couple

According to a report by The Sun, citing information provided by their “close Family Friend,” the two do not plan on reconciling their relationship. The source further went on to claim that both, Jolie and Pitt are working towards putting their children’s priorities first. They are concentrating on maintaining cordial terms for the sake of their kids. The rumor that they are reconciling their relationship is being made to spread by an outsider who doesn’t know the real picture, the source added.

These speculations stated the two celebrities came face-to-face after a very long time and immediately collapsed into each other’s arms. “There were a lot of tears, and nothing was left on the table.

They had it out, right there,” the Daily Mail report read. The two then reportedly decided to give their relationship a fresh start. Therefore, they signed up for spiritual counseling sessions with the objective of reconstructing their marriage.

The history of the breakup

According to US Magazine, the split between the two followed after Pitt allegedly got into a verbal argument with his son, Maddox.

They were having a fight over which airport they should land at. The way Pitt spoke to Maddox was absolutely uncalled for and Angelina was very upset about it. “She threw everything she had at him,” a source close to the matter stated. The two started growing toxic feelings for each other, and the differences grew bigger in size.

Soon, it was visible to friends and family around them, who thought that they would never be able to repair again. Both the celebrities have apparently cleared the air between them, and have established that they are happier together than apart. Therefore, they are working on improving themselves and each other by becoming more accepting. Fans are hoping that both will come together again soon by some miracle.