Zayn Malik announced on Friday that he is currently working on a new single, "Dusk Till Dawn," featuring Sia. The former "One Direction" singer further announces that his upcoming music will be released on Thursday, September 7, 2017. On Twitter, he left his followers more excited when he posted the teased music video for his newest soundtrack. A poster was also posted online which revealed that Malik is working closely with Jemima Kirke. The video is set to be directed by Marc Webb.

'Dusk Till Dawn'

Malik is set to introduce a new career single, "Dusk Till Dawn," and this will be his first music release following his collaboration with a Canadian Singer, PartyNextDoor, which was officially dropped on March 24.

Undoubtedly, this latest single was one of the projects that Malik has been busy working about.

Occasionally, the "Cheap Thrills" singer is reportedly spending time with his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. Over the past years, the famous singer has constantly been out in public together with his partner. He was also open about the anxiety attacks that he had dealt with back then.

However, when he decided to pull off his second album, Malik confirmed learning to become an outgoing person, and people started to see him more often in public, US Magazine reported. The singer continued that he will do his best to improve more and to make some tweaks on his upcoming sound.

Official music video

Malik’s second album is slated to be dropped a couple of days from his announcement; further, the official music video for "Dusk Till Dawn" will be premiered next Thursday on VEVO.

Direct Lyrics also reported that it would feature Malik together with the "Girls" actress.

Other information of his newest music was revealed by the singer when he uploaded a poster of his upcoming track on his social media accounts. Every project that Malik has worked with Sia is undoubtedly amazing. Perhaps, there is no second thought that Malik's "Dusk Till Dawn" single will surely turn the head on the day of its release.

Perhaps, it will be another sure hit for Malik's music. It was five months ago when the former "One Direction" band member released his "Still Got Time" single, leaving all his fans in hunger for his new tunes.

Just recently, Malik was reportedly in an entirely bald head as part of his celebration of Eid Al Adha. His mother, Trisha, shared some of his pictures on Instagram and his surprising look received mixed reactions from his followers on the social media.