The president and the first lady of the United States of America have been supportive during this trying moment in America. They went to the flood ravaged Texas Gulf Coast on Saturday for their second trip where they met the Hurricane Harvey victims. The rescue mission is still ongoing in the devastated region as some places are still flooded. The first couple visited the NRG Center in Houston and met about 1,800 flood survivors and volunteers. They also walked along a street in Houston that had been under water until recently. The two had met the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott at Ellington Field in Houston.

His first visit was mainly to get briefed

During his first visit on Tuesday, he stayed indoors most of the time while he was briefed on the state and local officials’ relief efforts. His Saturday visit was different and he was accompanied by White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, and a cadre of cabinet secretaries. Shortly after landing, he tweeted that he would be standing with the people of Texas every single day to help them recover, restore and rebuild.

He also talked to reporters after visiting the NRG center where he hugged and shook the hands of some victims, including children.

He appreciated the national effort and said their response to the disaster was incredible. He also mentioned that the Federal, state, and local responses were fantastic and he noted there was a lot of love, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The visit came a day after the president asked Congress to release $7.9 billion to help in the first round relief.

The hurricane killed dozens of people, left tens of thousands displaced, and destroyed thousands of homes. The governor said that the State of Texas might need over $125 billion in aid.

Trump spoke to people and rescue teams in Louisiana

Donald Trump and Melania traveled to Lousiana where the president spoke to the people and a volunteer group called Cajun Navy that used boats to rescue people from the rising flood waters when the storm began.

President Trump has demonstrated his concern through his public remarks and social media posts. Trump said in his weekly address that when one part of America is hurt the whole of America feels it. When neighbors are in need they rush to their aid, regardless of where they are from or who they are and it's their duty to help their fellow Americans every moment they require assistance.

Trump displayed empathy and care during his second visit

Democratic strategist Jim Manley applauded Trump for his efforts and said it's important for a commander in chief to show empathy and care. He said Trump’s first trip was more like a fact-finding mission but his second one was better as he spent time with people and assured them that as the president, he and the entire United States would be there for them. Harvey is one of the most expensive natural disasters in the history of America, with about $75 billion worth of loss.