Ava Jerome is a true villain on "General Hospital." She has proven over and over that she will sell herself to the highest bidder. She recently decided to recant her testimony about seeing Valentin shoot Nikolas, in order to have surgery to restore her face. Spoiler alerts indicate that this week Ava will throw patient number 6 under the bus so that her procedure will be performed as scheduled. Ms. Jerome also will snitch that the masked man can stand up and even give the phone number he entrusted her with to her doctor.

Ava's antics might cause some problems, but ultimately both she and patient 6 will have to return to Port Charles.

The phone number could be another diversion

On Friday, the masked man wrote down a phone number that Ava recognized had a Port Charles exchange. Spoilers indicate she will give it to her physician, in order to prove where her loyalty lies. When the doctor calls the number Sonny Corinthos is supposed to answer. This could lead some to believe Patient number 6 is the real Jason Morgan. but fans should be careful not to be deceived.

For weeks on "General Hospital," the face of the Jason in the bed was not shown. Some viewers assumed this indicated that it would be Steve Burton who emerged from the coma.

This, however, ended up being only a red herring to throw fans off track. Last week Billy Miller was revealed to still be in the role of the current Mr. Morgan. Logic would indicate that only the true Stone Cold would have Sonny's number but there is nothing logical about this storyline. So don't be too quick to assume patient number 6 is the real deal.

Ava and patient 6 must return to Port Charles

Eventually, Ava Jerome and the masked man both must make their way back to Port Charles. Their journey will obviously be filled with danger and intrigue. Ms. Jerome will no doubt find out more about her new associate as well as the goings on in the Russian clinic. Her curiosity might put them both in danger.

She already commented on the fact that the staff is giving patient number 6 horse tranquilizers.

Spoiler alerts tease that Ava's family and associates are going to wonder about her whereabouts. Valentin knows the truth but probably will stay mum. This plot has breathed life back into "General Hospital" and opened the possibility for several different outcomes. Patient number 6 and Ms. Jerome could fall for one another, and that would complicate some things if he turns out to be the real Jason. Stay tuned for more spoilers and keep watching GH each weekday afternoon on ABC.