On "The Bold and the Beautiful," it's payday for Dollar Bill Spencer. Spoiler alerts tease that Brooke is going to make it absolutely clear that there are consequences for her husband's actions. This week Dollar Bill must face the fallout from his recent series of bad choices. His wife will desire to see him remorseful and eager to pay for his sins. Viewers, however, should not read too much into this, because Bill will likely not learn the necessary lesson, and may already be plotting revenge. He will probably use Justin, Steffy, and Wyatt in order to get even with Liam for taking his beloved company away.

Brooke will force Dollar Bill to man up

When Dollar Bill admitted to Brooke that he ordered Spectra to be set on fire, she was outraged. As much as she loves her husband, Mrs. Spencer cannot continue to look the other way when he gets out of line. She told him that people could have gotten hurt or even died in the fire. And she pointed out that Sally ended up in the hospital. Bill tried to justify himself by saying he made sure everyone was out of the building. Brooke was so angry that she left her husband. Bill keeps trying to get her back, but spoilers say this week she will take a stand.

Brooke is going to force her spouse to pay for his sins. She is not going to go back to him in order to prove that there are consequences for his actions.

She wants Dolar Bill to know that he cannot tamper with other people's lives without paying a price himself. Bill believes that simply saying he is sorry is enough, but his spouse wants him to go a bit deeper. She needs her husband to understand that he cannot play God and try to control the actions of others. Brooke not going home to Bill is a consequence that he did not count on.

Dollar Bill is probably already plotting revenge

Even if Brooke never goes back to him, Dollar Bill is going to try to get revenge on Liam. Bill Spencer is angry that his own son is blackmailing him and in his mind, everything that has transpired is his son's fault. Unknown to anyone, Justin is still in his former bosses corner and reporting back to him every move his son makes at "Spencer Publications." Steffy and Wyatt are also perplexed at Liam and may team up with Bill to take him down.

If Dollar Bill feels remorse it will only be for a moment, because his wheels are always turning. He is planning his next strategy even as he begs his wife to come home. Mr. Spencer will suffer the consequences of his actions by losing his wife, but it will not stop him from trying to get his precious company back or getting even with Liam. This is something that Brooke as well as B&B viewers, should know very well. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS to find out what happens next.