The child molestation and the cheating scandal that Josh Duggar got into have taken its toll to his family's finances, and concerns are mounting now that his wife, Anna, is expecting their fifth child. Amid this, Josh has filed a motion to join the lawsuit that his sisters filed for the release of documents related to his molestation case.

Josh and Anna in dire financial need?

The scandals involving the eldest Duggar son led to the cancellation of their family's reality show on TLC, "19 Kids and Counting." Josh then went into a faith-based rehabilitation center for around half a year.

Even when he came out, he does not appear on the spin-off "Counting On."

He got into a used car dealership, which reportedly is not doing well. With that, rumors are floating that Josh and Anna are in dire financial need, especially with baby No. 5 on the way, as reported by The Hollywood Gossip.

This is in line with speculations that his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have been trying to convince TLC to allow Josh to appear in the upcoming season of "Counting On." The network has reportedly given in on the condition that the disgraced Duggar son would only talk about the joys of parenting and of learning about Anna's pregnancy. The rumor has also been fueled by reports that he is slowly trying to get back to the limelight as his family features him in some of their social media posts.

With his job at risk, being able to join the reality show could help address their financial needs.

Josh seeks damages against In Touch and Arkansas County

The news about Josh's financial crisis come as he had also filed a motion to be part of the lawsuit that his sisters Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy-Anna filed against In Touch magazine and the Arkansas law enforcement.

The case seeks compensatory and punitive damages against the accused parties for releasing pertinent documents to the molestation case, which were not supposed to reveal the names of the Duggar sisters who were minors at the time of the incident.

According to the Huffington Post, Josh Duggar claims that he was also a minor that time, and based on the Arkansas law, information collected involving minors are exempted to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

Josh's claims stated that because of In Touch's report on the case, he has “suffered severe emotional distress, embarrassment, humiliation and economic harm both to his personal and professional reputations.”

"Counting On" Season 3 is scheduled to air on June 12 at 9/8 c on TLC.