lisa marie presley is sober and has regained custody of her twin daughters, Harper and Finley after several months in rehab. Things are finally starting to look up once again for the 49-year-old daughter of the King of Rock and Roll elvis presley.

Lisa Marie reunites with daughters

It has been a long hard fought battle for Lisa Marie Presley. As previously reported earlier this year Lisa's life was crumbling around her; she was going through a nasty divorce, battling addiction and had lost custody of her daughters. Family, friends, and fans of Lisa Marie were worried for her life and feared she would face the same tragic fate of her famous father.

Today Lisa Marie is healthy, sober and getting her life back in order and she plans on keeping it that way according to a new report from Life & Style.

Addiction, Presley family curse?

"Lisa Marie couldn't be happier," a source tells Life & Style. "She's promised Harper and Finley she will never leave them again." In 2016 reports revealed that Presley's health was in dire straits, she was seeking help at the Hills Treatment Center Rehab facility in Los Angeles, paying close to $400,000 a month for extensive treatment.

She was forced to hand over custody of her young twin daughters to her mother, Priscilla Presley. That alone was pure torture for Lisa, who, as fans well know has always had a very rocky relationship with her mother.

Lisa was going through her fourth divorce and had reportedly blown through the millions of dollars left to her by her father, Elvis Presley. It was Lisa's ultimate rock-bottom and realized if she didn't do something fast it was over for her.

"Lisa has completed her rehab and turned her life around," the source continues. "She's gotten a second chance, and she's vowed to stay sober from now on."

In fact, she has made a huge promise to her kids that she would never be away from them again.

Lisa knows this is going to be a tough promise to keep. Despite now being sober, Lisa is well aware that she faces a life-long battle with addiction and it will be a day-to day struggle for her. While Lisa Marie is working on strengthening her relationships with her four children, her relationships with her mother and half-brother Navarone Garibaldi remain troubled, to say the least.

In late August, Lisa was attacked on social media out of the blue by her half-brother. The Conspiracy or Truth of Elvis official Facebook page posted the news of Garibaldi's ugly Instagram rant against his sister sparking major controversy. According to the FB page, Garibaldi posted that Lisa Marie was not a nice person called her a f*****g c**t all before wishing her dead. The reasoning behind his attack is unknown, but according to fans of the FB page, there is a lot of very big problems between Lisa, Priscilla, and Nic.

Lisa did not bother to comment on the verbal bashing, which is one more clue that points to Lisa's dedication to her children, and her focus on their lives together. We wish Lisa Marie Presley the best of luck with her sobriety and hope that she remains successful in all aspects of her life, especially when it comes to her life with her children.