Kailyn Lowry and her split from ex-husband Javi Marroquin got incredibly nasty over the past year. The pair has described their relationship as a roller coaster, and Kail said that they are definitely at a low-point in their relationship, mostly due to Javi writing a tell-all book about their divorce. She balked at Javi's accusation that she cheated on him while he was deployed in Qatar, but has admitted to hooking up with his best friend, a bombshell that was dropped during a preview for their appearance on "Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Edition." While the preview made it seem like she had been hooking up with the person in question while Javi was away or during their relationship, Kail said that that isn't the case and that Javi just says things like that to "stay relevant."

Who did Kailyn hook up with?

The preview for the reality show made it seem as though Kailyn hooked up with someone Javi had known most of his life, but she set the record straight letting fans know that the rumored hookup did happen, but it was a female.

Furthermore, the person in question is someone that Kail has been friends with for a long time, and she says Javi and the girl got close to one another through their relationship with Kail. The girl, she says, is someone she has known since high school, which has set many people to draw their own conclusions.

Some have decided that Kailyn hooked up with long-time gal pal Becky Hayter. Kailyn and Becky have been linked romantically a number of times, but Becky has had a long-term girlfriend for most of it, debunking the rumors that she and Kailyn were ever a thing. Some also suspect that Kail may have hooked up with her pal Peach, or her friend Gigi. Peach is a likely candidate, as she and Javi have grown close since the divorce.

Will Javi and Kailyn reconcile?

It doesn't appear Javi and Kailyn will reconcile in terms of getting back together, but hopefully, they will patch up their relationship in order to co-parent their son, Lincoln, 3. Their relationship since their divorce has been very rocky, with Kail filing a PFA (Protection from Abuse) after alleging that Javi was breaking into her house at all hours of the night.

She later dropped it so that they could better co-parent Lincoln. Javi also shares a special relationship with her son, Isaac, 7, from a previous relationship with ex Jo Rivera. Javi, however, has stated he wants nothing to do with Kail's youngest son.