A scary new trailer was recently released by Netflix for the upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Gerald’s Game.” Now the master of horror has shared a new poster for the film, which totally embodies the theme of the terrifying story.

Coming so soon after the hugely successful movie version of the clown horror “It,” fans are in for an additional treat as “Gerald’s Game” heads to Netflix on September 29. While nobody believed the novel could ever receive a big or small screen treatment, it looks like Mike Flanagan, himself a huge Constant Reader, has done the trick.

High praise from author Stephen King

Even King has praised Flanagan's work back in February, saying on Twitter he had just seen a rough cut of the film and that it was “Horrifying, hypnotic, terrific.” He added that the adaptation was going to freak everyone out. Knowing the author and his critical stance on adaptations of his work, this is no mean feat.

The Netflix trailer for “Gerald’s Game” was released on September 6 and has already received over a million views on YouTube. Included below, the trailer shows Bruce Greenwood and Carla Gugino as the subject of the story.

The couple has traveled to a secluded cabin in an attempt to spice up their love life, but things go horribly wrong.

The husband (the titular Gerald, played by Greenwood) handcuffs his reluctant wife, Jessie (played well by Gugino) to the bed, only to die of heart failure, leaving her in a precarious situation with no chance of anyone coming to help.

From then onward she has to try and keep her sanity to survive.

As noted by SyFy, King headed to Twitter once again on September 13 to release the poster for the upcoming Netflix adaptation of “Gerald’s Game” and it certainly embodies the theme of the movie. Announcing the release date of September 29th, King went on to “wax poetic,” by telling everyone to “Be there if you dare.”

Recent and future Stephen King adaptations

While waiting for “Gerald’s Game” to open on Netflix, fans (both old and new) are still heading out in their thousands to watch the latest adaptation of “It,” which is doing extremely well at the box office and is even breaking records.

Many Tim Curry fans had believed Pennywise wouldn’t be the same without that mixture of cute and terrifying that Curry provided, but Bill Skarsgård has excelled in the role.

Other recent adaptations include the latest version of “The Mist,” which quite honestly fizzled and didn’t do justice to the King story or previous adaptation. However, “Mr. Mercedes,” with Brendan Gleason and Harry Treadaway, in the roles of retired detective Bill Hodges and the incredibly evil Brady Hartsfield, is doing well – a little slow at the start, but building very nicely. Fans may have even spotted a cameo by King himself, as a dead person in the kitchen of a diner, as Brady imagines truly horrible acts.

Coming soon, “Castle Rock” looks like an interesting future series.

While not a direct adaptation of a particular King story or novel, it will incorporate many of his iconic characters and storylines in the imaginary town that stars is so many of his stories. As recently reported, Netflix is also about to release their movie version of “1922” based on one of the stories in King’s “Full Dark, No Stars,” which, as reported by Screen Rant, King went on to declare as being “super creepy.”

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to September 29 and the premiere of the Netflix version of “Gerald’s Game.”