The media is currently going crazy over the fact that Meghan Markle is attending the Invictus Games this weekend alongside her royal beau, Prince Harry. However, it turns out Markle isn’t the only lady who caught the royal’s eye at the event. Five-year-old Daimy Gommers gave 33-year-old Harry a treat by taking him for a spin in a miniature Land Rover and naturally the Prince’s reaction to the ride was incredibly cute.

Little girl takes Prince Harry for a spin

Prince Harry created the Invictus Games, which is an international event, something like the Paralympics, where injured military veterans take part in various sports events.

Young Daimy was there as her father, Paul Gompers, is one of the former soldiers competing in an event for the Netherland’s team. While her father’s sport is archery, it seems Daimy’s sport is driving and it looks like she does it rather well.

In the video included above, Prince Harry can be seen cheering and waving his hands, “amazed” at the speed of the little Land Rover, while Daimy competently handles the wheel, smiling all the while. The mini-driver later told the Telegraph that the experience was “nice.”

Her mother Danielle explained that Daimy had met Harry at one of the previous Invictus Games events and when he saw her again, he remarked on how much she had grown. She added that every time her daughter sees the Prince on television, she remarks that there is her friend, Prince Harry.

It turns out shortly before joining the Invictus child driving team for their mini-event on the track, he had experienced a more high-speed drive on a real race track with Dennis Siesing, of the German Invictus Team.

Harry and Markle’s first public appearance

Getting back to the other lady in Harry’s life, as People noted, this was the first time in the couple’s relationship of over a year that both the Prince and Markle, 36, have made an official public appearance together.

However, they didn’t sit together, as Harry sat some rows away from his lady love, next to First Lady Melania Trump.

Meanwhile, Meghan, clad in a purple dress with an elegant purple leather coat draped over her shoulders, sat with a friend, Markus Anderson.

Despite not sitting together, Markle was seen to be enjoying the event and cheering on the athletes.

As the star of “Suits,” Markle is used to being in Toronto, as the city is the filming location of the popular legal drama and she will reportedly be there with Harry right up until the Invictus Games end on September 30.