Singer and actress Selena Gomez rose to fame during her Disney days but she said in a recent interview that she felt violated during those times she was still part of the network. She is best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Disney Channel series, “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Gomez was interviewed on Business of Fashion magazine for its latest issue and she revealed that there were so negative memories and experiences during her Disney days.

What scared her

The “Hands to Myself” singer said that it scared her that people were noticing her because of her looks and not her talent in acting.

The 25-year-old pointed out that she felt during those times that her passion was being pushed away because of what other people were noticing and it scared her to think that her passion in acting was going further away from her.

What was the tipping point when she felt she was violated

The tipping point when she felt she was most violated was when she was photographed at the beach. She was around 15 or 16 that time and photographers were everywhere. Gomez said she thought back then that no one really knew who she was but she still felt very violated.

What made her feel violated was the fact that she was only a young girl that time and the photographers were grown men. Gomez said it was a weird feeling she did not like or understand, E!

News reported.

Gomez more confident when she was younger

Gomez has been in the entertainment business since she was seven years old. She revealed that she was more confident when she was younger because things changed about her perception regarding the entertainment business when she got older. When she was younger, it was all fun to her but when she got older, she was exposed to the truth.

She realized that it’s not always her ways that will work. She noted that being in the entertainment business was “kind of slimy in certain areas” and that some people wanted certain things from her.

When she reached 18 years old, she worked on the last season of “Wizards of Waverly Place” because by that time, it felt like it was no longer her art as much as she felt when she was younger.

She believed she was already growing out of it and she wanted to experience other things.

Her mom kept her grounded

According to Entertainment Tonight, Gomez told Business of Fashion magazine that her mother kept her grounded and that her mom was never a stage mom. Gomez said her mom was so aware of what could happen to her daughter due to fame that is why she let Gomez have fun while learning or do things that will make her grow as a person.

Gomez maintains emotional and mental health

Gomez now maintains her mental and emotional health by taking care of herself and learning to say no. She also makes sure she no longer overdoes things. Gomez also said that she sets boundaries regarding people she considers her friends.

She noted that she knows everyone but she only has three good friends she can tell everything to.

Last year, she decided to cancel the remaining tour dates of her Revival World Tour. She underwent a rehabilitation stint due to her lupus-related health issues. She was away from the spotlight for three months.