Kameron Westcott may have the blonde look, but she is proving to have plenty of ambition. Kameron is teaching viewers that she isn't just a dumb blonde who likes the color pink and has a dog in a handbag. She's a businesswoman and she isn't afraid of speaking her mind when it comes to her "The Real Housewives of Dallas" co-stars. When Brandi Redmond invited Cary Deuber and Stephanie Hollman to Memphis with her, Kameron was standing right in front of her. She pointed out that it was very rude that Brandi issued invitations and even gifts to her co-stars, but clearly shunned Westcott.

But this week, Kameron's issue is with Cary.

According to a new report, Kameron Westcott is now revealing that she feels Deuber hasn't taken sides in the drama that's currently playing out on the show. She can be cordial with all of the ladies and she's not taking sides, even though she's close friends with both Brandi and Stephanie.

The weakest link

Perhaps, Kameron Westcott thought that Brandi or Stephanie were the ones who would speak negatively about the other women. On the show, Westcott labeled it as the weakest link, but it sounds like all of the ladies didn't really care about the remaining cast members.

"Probably the one that breaks down and eats the most hot dogs on Beale street. Seriously, I think I was just trying to ask who was going to be the one to talk bad about those not on the trip," Kameron Westcott explains in her Bravo blog about who was the weakest link on the trip to Memphis.

Not a strong person?

On the show, Kameron hasn't talked about Cary Deuber on "The Real Housewives of Dallas," but in her blog, Kameron Westcott has plenty of things to say about her. Maybe she's watching the show and realizing that Cary is keeping neutral in the storyline on the show.

"I really like Cary but she is a bit of a floater and has alliances to both sides.

I think in the up and coming episodes tension will arise from this," Westcott explains about Cary Deuber, who hasn't picked a side in the entire drama between LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond.

A floater could indicate that Westcott doesn't see Cary as a strong person, as she isn't taking sides and isn't speaking up about what she believes in.

But one could argue that she's a strong person for not getting involved in other people's drama and respecting their personal spaces.

What do you think of Kameron Westcott's blog about Cary? Are you surprised she's calling her a floater?