"Days of our Lives" spoilers for the next two weeks reveal that there will be some very big moments happening in Salem. There are currently a lot of storylines happening on the NBC Soap Opera, and fans will need to tune in daily to be able to keep up with them all. In the upcoming week, Lucas will have a wild ride, he'll see his dead son, Will Horton, (Chandler Massey) and he'll also be forced into an intervention by his close friends and family. It seems that Lucas' drinking is so out of control that his loved ones will need to step in.

Sonny struggles with his feelings for Will and Paul

Meanwhile, Sonny Kiriakis will also be on a roller coaster ride. He'll have some reservations about his upcoming wedding to Paul Narita, and it will scare him a bit. Sonny will lean on his best friend, Chad, for comfort, but things won't get any better. In fact, Sonny will begin to have disturbing dreams about Will, and wonder if he should marry Paul after all. "Days of our Lives" fans will see Sonny struggle with his feelings for both Paul and Will, and things will only get worse the following week when the wedding begins and it's revealed that Will Horton is actually still alive.

Brady and Eric finally face off over Nicole

All the while, things will finally blow up for Brady and Eric.

Brady will get confirmation that Eric is in love with his girlfriend, Nicole Walker, and the two step-brothers will have a big confrontation. Brady will make a surprising demand of his brother, and things will continue to get worse for the love triangle. Later, Eric will decide it's best if he leaves town, but Marlena's not having it, and "Days Of Our Lives" viewers will see her work hard to track down her son.

'Chabby' wedding plans hit a snag

While Abigail and Chad seem to be head over heels in love yet again, and fans are looking forward to their big wedding, things won't be picture perfect for the couple. "Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that the two will hit a snag in their wedding plans, but the fan favorite super couple will eventually work it all out, and they will be walking down the aisle during the week of September 25.

Hope and Rafe have a huge conflict

There will also be some professional and personal relationships conflicting in the coming two weeks on "Days of our Lives." Fans will see Hope and Rafe compete for the same job. The couple live and work together, but things will get a bit tense when they are both being considered for the job of police commissioner following Raines' arrest. Since they've already been disagreeing over their wedding plans, it looks like this could cause even more strain in their relationship. Brady and Sonny will also be going at it, when Brady hints that he won't want to hand over his title as CEO of Titan to Sonny now that he's out of jail. Will there be a Kiriakis family feud in the future?

Will Horton is finally back in Salem

Finally, Will Horton will be back in action on "Days of our Lives." Chandler Massey has officially returned to the role, and fans couldn't be happier about it. However, Will's return couldn't come at a worse time. Sonny and Paul are set to be married, and the wedding will begin without fail. However, if Will decides to bust into St. Luke's things will get heated quickly when all of his friends and family realize that he's not dead!

Don't miss a minute of the 'DOOL' drama

It seems that "Days of our Lives" fans have a lot to look forward to in the next two weeks. Be sure to tune in to the soap opera daily, and set your DVRs. "DOOL" airs weekday afternoons on NBC.