Just like her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez cancelled the remaining tour dates from her Revival World Tour because she had to take a break due to her anxiety resulting from her lupus diagnosis. In an interview in the September issue of InStyle magazine, Gomez talked about how her 90-day treatment was and opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend The Weeknd, whom she considers to be her best friend.

In Gomez’s cover interview, she talked about going away for 90 days and she regarded it as the best thing she could have ever done.

She revealed that she had no phone and it was a scary thing at first but it went well in the long run because she learned a lot. Gomez pointed out that being off the grid completely from her celebrity life was crucial because she needed to undergo a personal healing process.

Gomez now in a healthy place

During her 90-Day Treatment, Gomez said she never did her hair and took part in equine therapy. This made her “become stronger for other people” and now that she is back in the entertainment business, she keeps herself in check by going to therapies constantly. The “Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself” singer admitted that there are still difficult days but talking to someone about where she is made her be in a “really, really healthy place.”

Actress does not recommend starting young in showbiz

The actress also talked about how difficult it was for her because she started young in the entertainment industry.

She was a Disney star and she thinks that it is dysfunctional to be part of the showbiz world at a really young age since that was the time she was figuring out who she was. She noted that during her time at Disney, she cared a lot about what fans said about her and if they did not like what she did, it easily hurt her feelings.

Singer talks about boyfriend The Weeknd

Gomez also talked about The Weeknd saying that she is really happy with her relationship with him. She also revealed that she wants to stand on her own and not be dependent on a guy -- as opposed to when she was younger because she was easily influenced and insecure. In the enterview, Gomez says she considers herself lucky because she found someone to add to her life and not someone to complete her.

To read more about Selena Gomez and her comments about the very successful Netflix show she co-produced ("13 Reasons Why"), the September issue of InStyle will be out in newsstands on August 11.