Spoiler alerts indicate this will be a week filled with tension on "The Young and the Restless" for Victoria Newman. In spite of the fact that she is getting closer to her ex-husband, she will be dealing with drama from other genoa city residents. She will feel in control regarding situations with Phyllis, and Jack but Cane going after her son Reed will cause Ms. Newman to have a health crisis.

Victoria's health will suffer because of all the drama

Victor Newman's daughter has a lot on her plate right now. Jack is trying to steal her company, Phyllis wants her man and Cane is seeking revenge because he was let go from his job.

She is also having dizzy spells, irrational behavior, and hearing muffled sounds ever since she fell and hit her head. On top of all of this, Victoria's teenage son wants to date the daughter of the man she fired. The doctor told Vicky to take it easy and decrease stress, but she has to fight to keep "Brash and Sassy" afloat.

Spoiler alerts say that in the midst of these problems, there is joy because Victoria is gaining ground with Billy. They have been working well together to save the company and last week they kissed. This week she will take another step by flirt ing with him. And they will each agree that they work well together. This obviously will not be enough to prevent her enemies from pushing her to the point of fainting.

Cane is the root of the major stress and he keeps causing problems

Victoria fell and bumped her head because she was arguing with Abby, but the root of the major stressors in her life is not her half sister, neither is it Jack Abbot. The bottom line to her problems is not Phyllis, nor her teenage son Reed. Vicky is going through a lot of drama basically because of one man, and he is Cane Ashby.

His lies led to the lawsuit and cos "Brash and Sassy' a lot of money plus negative publicity.

After being fired Cane tried to work with Jack and then Ben Hochman so he could give them company secrets and take his former boss down. He will not stop trying to make Victoria pay and now is involving her teenage son in the battle.

Just when Vicky believes she is making progress Cane, Ashby will strike again. This week in addition to bonding with Billy, Vicky will be busy finding a way to one up Phyllis, and she even will agree with Jack.

Unfortunately, her son and ex-employee, will not be so easy to deal with. Reed is going to disobey his mother and continue seeing Mattie. Cane will catch the teens together, and deal harshly with Victoria's son. This will lead to Vicky jumping on Mr. Ashby for attacking Reed, and spoiler alerts indicate that at this time Ms. Newman will have one of her spells. Will Cane help her or leave her? Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS to find out.