Former child actor who played a role in 1996 film Shiloh as Marty Preston, Blake Heron is dead. He was only 35. His girlfriend, Chanel Panagiotolpoulos, found his motionless body on Friday, September 8 in his Los Angeles home. The paramedics arrived and spent 40 minutes trying to revive the actor, but their efforts were fruitless, and they pronounced him dead. According to Hollywood Gossip, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said that they received the call at around 7:05 am from a distressed caller who was asking for help and claimed that an unknown man was not breathing.

He was suffering from flu some days before

US Weekly reports that there were no illegal drugs found at the scene and he had not consumed any alcohol. However, there was some flu medication in the scene, and reports indicate that he was suffering from flu a few days ago. He was also fighting heroin addiction and had just left rehab days before he died. His representatives confirmed his death in multiple websites and TV stations.

His family has a history of using drugs

After appearing in Shiloh, Blake featured in other movies and TV projects like “11:14”, “Boston Public” and “We Were Soldiers.” Just recently, the late actor appeared in A Thousand Junkies, a documentary which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival where he narrated his own addiction and his heartbreaking experiences.

According to US Weekly, he said that he had come from a family with had drug addicts and alcoholics and he thought it was in his genes. He revealed that since he was young, he was “intrigued by the darker side of life.” When he was about 12, he started using drugs, especially weed, drunk alcohol and progressed to other types of drugs.

At 21, he lost control of himself and the reality, and heroin took over his life, becoming the most important thing to him. From there, he lost everything. He felt like he had lost himself and his soul.

He had just come from Paris

Blake’s Instagram account showed that he had been in Paris before his death. He had uploaded a photo of him and his girlfriend, Chanel outside the Eiffel Tower and captioned it that they had a rad dinner cruise on the Seine River, and it was their last night in Paris.

According to Metro, Heron had just finished filming “Dirt.” "Shiloh" actress, Ann Dowd, said that the star was charming, kind and generous as well as talented. She added that she felt heartbroken after receiving the tragic news.

According to Daily Mail, Heron an other actors including Brad Renfro played roles in 1995 film Tom and Huck. Brad Renfro passed on in 2008 after he accidentally overdosed on heroin. Our condolences go to the family and friend of Blake Heron. May he rest in peace.