Montgomery Gentry member, Troy Gentry has passed on at the age of 50. According to a statement posted on the official site of the group, he died after his helicopter crashed in Medford, New Jersey on Friday. The band tweeted that the family appreciated all the kind thoughts and prayers and asked for privacy during this moment. Joel Bewley, who is a spokesman for Burlington County prosecutor’s office said that the police received a call from a distressed helicopter and it crashed as emergency personnel arrived at the scene.

The group was to perform at a resort

The aircraft crashed into a wooded area, close to Flying W Airport hours before the scheduled Montgomery Gentry performance at a resort based in the airport. Gentry was removed from the wreckage and pronounced dead at the hospital. The rescue team also worked hard for hours to retrieve the body of James Evan Robinson. The crash is still under investigation, but it's not clear if Gentry was the pilot or the passenger.

Celebrities paid tribute to Gentry

Members of the group’s band and Eddie Montgomery had arrived at the airport before the crash happened and they went to the hospital to see Gentry. The duo has been active for almost 20 years. They have produced “My Town,” “Hell Yea” and other country music hits.

Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, and Sheryl Crow are among the artists who paid tribute to the late singer after hearing the tragic news.

The late Gentry was born in 1967 in Lexington, Kentucky. He formed a band with Eddie and his brother John Micheal, called Early Tymz. He tried to go solo afterward but reunited with Eddie Montgomery again after being unsuccessful.

According to USA Today, Gentry called Nashville his home even though he was born in Kentucky and supported Kentucky basketball.

The group’s first song to top the charts was “If You Ever Stop Loving Me” which was part of the 2004 album, “You Do Your Thing,” followed by a couple of other songs including “Lucky Man,” “Something to Be Proud Of” and “Roll With Me.” In 2009, the Grand Ole Opry invited them to be part of their group.

Montgomery Gentry released 11 albums in total. Their popularity grew due to their “chemistry” Their singing styles were different, and when they performed together, they brought out a difference and made their songs interesting.

The duo was charitable

Montgomery Gentry was a charitable group and according to USA Today, they earned the Academy of Country Music Humanitarian Award for their efforts. They released the “Folks Like Us” album in 2015 which was their last. Gentry is survived by a wife and two daughters.