Singer Toni Basil has realized that several companies have been using her 1985 hit "Mickey" without her consent. This has caused Basil considerable distress and she has taken the case to the courts. The singer is now looking for compensation for the illegal use of her song and the court case is currently ongoing. None of the companies involved has offered a statement about their involvement in the lawsuit.

The singer has filed a lawsuit against Disney

According to the Rolling Stone, singer Toni Basil is suing Disney over claims that they used her song without her permission.

The lawsuit took place on August 31 and Basil claimed that Disney allowed her song to be used on such TV series as "RuPaul's Drag Race" and "Southpark."

The singer claimed that she has experienced great amounts of stress over the issue which has severely affected her health. Basil claimed that she has been suffering from severe anxiety and leaving plagued with nightmares and night terrors.

In a report by Entertainment, Toni's lawyers have stated that his client's identity is completely intertwined with her hit song "Mickey." He explained that Basil is very protective over her brand and that she was horrified when TV series started to use her song without her knowledge.

Basil is seeking compensation for her song 'Mickey'

According to Entertainment, Toni Basil is seeking compensation for the illegal use of her song "Mickey" in "RuPaul's Drag Race" and "South Park." The singer's lawyer has stated that Basil is looking for $25,000 for damages from the offending companies and wants to receive $750 per each individual use of the song.

Basil has also stated that she wants the rights of the song officially returned to her through the courts so that something like this will not happen again. The singer claims that her rights have been violated and that the companies Disney and Viacom have violated the Lanham Act.

According to the Rolling Stone, Basil's lawyer has also revealed that a company by the name of Razor and Tie Direct has been illegally licensing the song without his client's knowledge.

In a report by Variety, the company Radialchoice Limited was liquidated in 1985, which has led to some confusion about who owns the rights to the song.

Disney and Viacom have been contacted for comment but have refused to make a statement about the ongoing lawsuit. The other offending companies, in this case, have also remained silent about their involvement in the illegal use of the song "Mickey."