Jennifer Garner has recently announced she has finally joined Instagram. The star has a Facebook account but has stated in the past that she does not want to join any more social media accounts. Fans have been waiting for Garner to share her life with them and are delighted with this announcement.

The celebrity has finally joined the app

According to Refinery 29, actor Jennifer Garner has finally made an account on Instagram and her fans are delighted. The star has created the handle @jennifer.garner and has even posted her first image to her account.

Jennifer posted an image of herself assembling a message on a sign asking for her fans to follow her. The celebrity posted an adorable message underneath the photo telling fans that she has finally joined Instagram and to follow her if that is what people can do on the app.

In a report by E! News, Jennifer Garner managed to get 120,000 followers on her account within the first day of her setting up her account. She has used a profile picture from a previous Hollywood event and has not yet posted a biography to her account.

Fans are beyond excited that they can now follow their favorite celebrity on Instagram and see what she is up to during her spare time. Garner has been hesitant to join social media in the past because of the abuse that many celebrities receive from the public online.

The celebrity has tackled her fears of social media

According to Hello Giggles, Jennifer Garner has finally overcome her fear of social media and the negative attention that many celebrities Garner having online accounts. Garner set up her first Facebook account in 2012 and has used the account to promote her films and career.

In a past interview with People Magazine in 2014, Jennifer Garner explained her decision to avoid social media to the public. The star stated that she did not want to be dealing with any more guilt from her phone or her computer. She revealed that she already struggles with answering her emails on time and does not want to be dealing with further pressures from social media accounts.

However, it appears that Garner has overcome this fear of being pressurized by the public. The stars previously fear about having an Instagram account has disappeared and she has set up her account and is ready to share her life in a more intimate way with her fans.

Garner has officially posted her first Instagram post and fans are eagerly waiting for more posts from the celebrity.